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Paris: instruction for beginners

Paris is different for everyone: some have dreamed of it for years, others turn up their nose, never having been there. For some, Paris is a city of love and warm baguettes; for others, it is the capital of high prices and hundreds of homeless people.

Tips about Paris from Paris elite escorts:

If you are still thinking about whether to climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris or not, be sure to climb! The views from above are wonderful. And it is advised you to climb only up to the 2nd floor and certainly on foot. Of course, if the weather is good outside, and you do not have serious leg problems or personal dislike for stairs.

The cheapest way to get around Paris according to Paris elite escorts from Girls Students agency is by bike. It is advised you to use the city rental system, then the rental will cost you only € 1.7 per day or € 8 per week. Make your reservation on the official website, and not at one of the terminals in Paris, then the whole € 150 will not be reserved on your card. And don't forget that you can only ride for free every first 30 minutes. Then you need to return the bike to one of several hundred rental locations. After 5 minutes, you can already take a new one. And be sure to check the selected bike before starting your trip and rental.

When looking for accommodation in Paris, don't get hung up on hotels. Most of the options, following a reserach of Girls Students Paris escorts agency, are at an affordable price have not the best characteristics and reviews, or are located in areas where the average tourist is unlikely to drop in. Paris VIP escorts girls recommend etter renting a small apartment for the French vacation. In your own, albeit only for a couple of days, French apartment, you can feel like a real Parisian, and your budget will not suffer much. In addition, if you have not used this service yet, then by registering using this link you will receive a discount of as much as € 30 on your first booking. The most recommended for a first visit are hotels around Eiffel Tower.

A delicious lunch or dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower is easy to organize for € 10 for two. A faithful friend of a budget traveler will again come to the rescue - a supermarket, as well as one of hundreds of bakeries and pastry shops. Write down a shopping list: a bottle of wine, a fresh baguette, aromatic cheese, and a couple of hot croissants. Now you can easily sit on the grass with a blanket and enjoy your meal.

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